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Third Reich Munich Tour & Dachau Concentration Camp

Learn about the darkside of Munich’s past during the Third Reich Munich and Dachau Tour. As we leave our hotel in central Munich, guests will learn about the grim history behind the city Hitler named  “Die Hauptstadt der Bewegung” or “Capital of The Movement”. Over the course of this day's tour we will cover Munich's role in the rise and fall of National Socialism, along with the transformation which the city underwent in the post-war years. During the tour we will also visit the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site.

Highlights: Birth City of the Nazi Party - Site of Hitler's Beer Hall Putsch - Koenigsplatz Parade Grounds - Führerbau - Haus der Kunst - Dachau Concentration Camp - White Rose Resistance - Site of Hitler’s Kristall Nacht Speech