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Wartburg Castle and Würzburg

The Wartburg Castle, located just outside of Eisenach, is one of the most influential fortresses in all of Germany. Dating as far back as 1067, the castle has aged magnificently over the centuries defying the tells of time. Built in no more than 16 years, an astonishing 70 percent of the building is still in its original form. However, the true significance of this Neo-Romanesque fortress lies not only in its construction, but rather in the events which it facilitated. During his time at the Wartburg Castle, Luther or “Junker Jörg” as he was called while incognito, translated the New Testament from Greek to German in just 12 weeks! This monumental event was a key point in the Reformation and all German speaking regions. Luther’s translation made the Word of God accessible to the common man and furthermore created a foundation for a standardized written German language. 

Guests will be able take in all the history this spectacular sight has to offer. Along with a visit to the modest quarters where Luther translated the bible, guests may also see the special 500th Reformation Anniversary exhibit “Luther and The Germans”. This exhibit takes a deep look at the significance of Luther’s Reformation and the Germans' view of him over time. 
After a full-packed visit to the Wartburg Castle we will make our way through the scenic countryside of Lutherland to the medieval walled city of Rotherburg ob der Tauber with a short stop in Würzburg for a riverside dinner along the way. 

Highlights: Wartburg Castle - Luther's study - Würzburg's wine bridge - Eisenach countryside

Earlier Event: October 9
Later Event: October 11
Rothenburg ob der Tauber